Silvy’s First Birthday

1A2A7780So here’s a beautiful story of how what you think is going to happen, or what you plan for your life, isn’t nearly as cool as what has already been laid out for you.

Rachel (Silvy’s mom) approached us about a year ago to do photograph her newborn, Silvy.  We learned that they were in the process of adopting their two amazing kids so they could complete their family when they learned they had little Miss Silvy on the way!

We were honored to use Silvy’s 6-month session to photograph the actual adoption of Kate and Michael.  She got her spotlight back this month when we came by to cover her 1st birthday party!  Here are a few of our favorite photos from the day!


Dust & Scratches

Every once in a while, I like to post a detail photo (or a wide-angle one) of something that’s not easily recognizable as shot.  Today, I posted a photo of something very near and dear to my heart.  Something that, up close, doesn’t immediately inspire smiles and oohs and aahs.  But, once you know the story, it’s even better up close!

This is a macro image of my engagement ring.  I’m zoomed pretty far into the photo so there’s some grain visible.


When I first saw this through the lens, I thought, “Crap I need to get my ring serviced.”  But then, I really looked at it and realized that the ring was just the beginning of this story.  About a decade ago, it was shiny and smooth, bright white gold, just beautiful.  Over those ten years, my husband has taken me on more adventures than I can count (in fact, when he designed the ring, he asked the jeweler to put extra prongs to hold the diamond “just in case she gets chased by a bear and has to climb a tree, I don’t want the diamond to fall out”).  On those adventures, I’ve scratched this ring on so many things and covered it in so much dust and dirt, it’s unbelievable.

Then, we had two children.  I’ve scratched the ring on the rocks I’ve pulled out of Leo’s pant pockets.  I’ve played in the sand with this ring.  I’ve chased my children around the living room floor on all fours and handled more cleaning chemicals to hide evidence of my  kids (like the blue popsicle stain in the carpet or red sparkly nail polish on my sink) than I probably should while wearing a ring.

But you know what, I’m a storyteller at heart.  That’s why I am a photographer and I feel, on some weird microscopic level, I have my own little love story scratched in tiny unreadable words on my ring.  And it’s perfect.

To all our current and future couples: we love seeing your rings and we are looking forward to seeing how perfectly imperfect they are in 10 years, too!

Baby Isabella Grace

I love photographing teeny tiny babies.  They’re so sweet and soft and snuggly!

We are a family of four, and we really like it that way.  Every once in a while, though, I start to wonder if we should maybe give our little ones a younger sibling.  Then, I remember how much fun we had at Disney World – I would take Lilly to see princesses while Mike rode roller coasters with Leo.  We’d switch off and meet up and break off; it was a ton of fun!  We really do feel complete.  What helps this, though, is the knowledge that every once in a while, we get to hold and snuggle the babies of our fantastic clients.  Case in point – this gorgeous little girl: Isabella.  (Although, it’s hard to say whether the babies provide a fix or just get the uterus hopping…)


We drove to this home and set up our backdrops for the posed images but also spent some time capturing a bit of lifestyle imagery.  It’s all beautiful!

Funny story, too, we discovered while chatting with Isabella’s mom that we were, in fact, shooting in the former home of some good friends of ours!  Mike took advantage of the situation and we sent them a beautiful posed picture of him on their steps.  This is why we are behind the camera and not in front of it.


Mr. & Mrs. Smith (really!)


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Jill & Ryan approached us, last year, about shooting their wedding and we immediately fell in love with their down-to-earth personalities.  Jill is easily one of the sweetest brides we have ever worked with.  And Ryan, beneath that tough exterior, is also one of the sweetest grooms, too!

We started the day after the girls had finished their hair and makeup.  The ceremony and reception were both at Sweetwater Event Center and the folks there did an absolutely fantastic job working with the couple to decorate the venue with the perfect blend of classic and modern.

Here are a few of our favorite memories from the day:

When we learned that taking bridal party formals near a popular fishing spot will make for some entertaining photos.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 3.45.17 PM

We made some new friends!


We were photobombed… many times.  Hats off to you, good sir!


Jill also orchestrated a very special picture for her husband: all of the Reitz alumni were invited to come to the stage while Ryan spent a few minutes outside with Mike posing for some “GQ-type images.”  For the record… Ryan totally rocked it.  He came back in to all of his Reitz friends and family singing the Reitz fight song and it was all I could do not to jump in and shoot it selfie-style (2000 Reitz grad right here).

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Enjoy the rest of the online gallery and thank you to the vendors who helped make the day such a success!


Venue: Sweetwater Event Center –
Dress and Tux: Magic Moments –
Catering: Bauerhaus –
Flowers: Emily’s Floral and Design –
Hair: Art and Science of Hair –
Cake: Stacey Borah with Yum! Brands

Danielle & Lee Barron Skip the Big Wedding – And Couldn’t Be Happier


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So here was a unique situation – I got a call from Danielle Marver, then the events coordinator for Oak Meadows Golf Course, and she wanted to book us for her wedding.  Fast forward a while and I get another call from her saying, “You are going to think I’m crazy… but are you available on Sunday?”  “Sunday”, by the way, was about 6 or 7 weeks before the wedding.  In fact, “Sunday” was the day after Danny (my brother and one of our own photographers) wedding!

Turns out, being the events coordinator for the venue you’ve chosen for your own wedding poses some logistical problems.  Not to mention, apparently attending (or coordinating) too many events in your chosen venue can cause some of the magic to fade.  She told me of her plan to call her friends and family together at her church for a “wedding planning meeting.”  She figured everyone would be in jeans and t-shirts and she didn’t care.  She was wanted to marry Lee.

Well, word evidently got out and her little no-frills church surprise morphed, and quite nicely I might add, into a sweet little intimate ceremony at Evansville’s Casa Finale, owned by Kirk and Sherry Wright.  Friends and family pulled together a beautiful little afternoon in a matter of a couple days and I don’t really think I could even picture Danielle & Lee at a larger venue, now.  It was perfect.  Even the rain was perfect – it opened up just long enough to have the ceremony outside in the courtyard and then provided us with some entertaining weather for a few shots with the couple, outside.  🙂

We hope you enjoy these images as much as we did!

Check out an article by Evansville Living on Casa Finale here

Danielle couldn’t say enough about House of White and her gown she purchased there, even though she didn’t get to wear it because of the spur of the moment date change.  We are still trying to talk her into a Rock The Dress session so we can give the dress its time in the spotlight 😉

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Meaghan & Jake’s NYC Boho Wedding

Meaghan & Jake NYC wedding - Greenpoint Loft, Long Island City, NY

Meaghan & Jake NYC wedding – Greenpoint Loft, Long Island City, NY

It was refreshing, as always, to travel to another town for one of our fantastic couples.  This past month, we traveled to NYC to shoot a perfect boho wedding at Greenpoint Loft in Brooklyn, NY.

The absolute best part about this day (I mean the food was incredible, the weather – perfect, the decorations to die for, and the dress – simply adorable), however, was the people.  As a wedding vendor, it’s easy to get caught up in the humdrum of a typical wedding and move through the paces while capturing beautiful images.  There’s the normal dances and the normal speeches and everything’s pretty predictable.  This wedding caught me off guard, however.  I found myself getting absorbed into this amazing group of people who gathered to celebrate the union two more amazing people.  The Jewish traditions that were upheld had meaning and depth.  The dancing was joyful and the speeches, given by the parents, were hard to shoot because I kept finding myself caught up in the moment.

So, cheers to Meaghan and Jake and cheers to all the wonderful friends and family you two have surrounding you!  With a kickoff like that, you can expect nothing less than a life filled with love.

Photographer – Joma Studios, Newburgh, IN
Venue – The Greenpoint Loft, Brooklyn, NY
Caterer – Betty Brooklyn
Flowers – Blooms By The Box
Dress – BHLDN
Doughnuts – Peter Pan Bakery

Through Their Eyes

It’s picture day!

You’re a parent – and now you have to color-coordinate everyone in the photo, shower, do your hair, put on your makeup or accessories of choice, manage any baby leaks that happen and do so while ignoring the fact that you’re really hoping your stray hairs, wrinkles, stretch marks, lumps and bumps, skin imperfections or any other flaw that our brains wildly exaggerate, will not show up in the pictures.

But what we forget is that all of those “imperfections” are created in our minds over the many years that we’ve taken to get to this point.  I know this is a fact because every time I shoot a baby session or child and family session, the expression on the faces of these children doesn’t reflect any disdain for any imperfections, but rather an overflowing amount of love an adoration of this flawless human.

(I have to throw in a disclaimer – my featured image on this post is of a couple whose wedding I had the privilege of shooting.  Amber, the mom, was cool as a cucumber. I don’t think she complained once.  And she was beautiful.  Jeremy – you were beautiful, too.)  😀

Which brings me to an idea: I’m going to offer some mini-sessions where the tables are turned.  Parents – go ahead and clean up, brush your hair, do your make-up, whatever… but then, let your kids dress you.  And themselves!

I’ll have some dress-up clothes available.  Kids are free to dress up as princes, princesses, pirates, Teenage Mutant Knight-In-Shining-Armor Queens with a Nerf gun… I don’t care.  I want to tell the kids they get to look at their moms and dress them in whatever they think would look beautiful on her.  Show us how brave and handsome their dad is.  Maybe your kids’ favorite times were when you were being silly but your professional photographs never show that.  Let’s make something that reflects the crazy and beauty that is your family.  And we’ll do that by letting the most honest members of our households call the shots.

We all miss the innocence of childhood and enjoy watching the unimpeded joy and freeness of our children playing.  Let’s capture a few of those moments, shall we?  Keep an eye out for the date announcements for the “Through Their Eyes” sessions!

IMG_8610 IMG_3326

Sarah & Jacob


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Spring 2014 was so kind to us.  Meet Sarah and Jacob – you may recognize them from their featured article in the latest Evansville Living!  We literally had a perfect day.  Sarah is an incredible planner and put this together without breaking a sweat.  Jacob (with the help of his groomsmen) provided the entertainment.

Thank you to the fabulous vendors who were there to help make the day perfect.

Kate & Travis – the Engagement

A LOT has happened since our last post so here’s to catching you all up on some of our sessions (and shenanigans…)

Kate & Travis actually just got married, so I figured I’d take you back to where it started for us.

Red Robin.  It’s actually one of their favorite spots and was a fun place to shoot!


Here’s Samantha modeling for light testing.  I told her if she really wants a mustache, we need to just be patient and maybe she’ll get one when she is a grown up… (none of us will ever get mustaches if that’s the case…)


From Red Robin, we visited Eastland Mall, where Travis has a Fred Meyer store.  One in a long list that he’s opened.  If I’m not mistaken, they are in the process of opening one in Atlanta!  Watch for the ring shot from the wedding.  The man knows his jewelry!

We attempted a long exposure shot, and it turned out alright, but the best part was trying to get it made.  We made new friends in the security guards and some wonderful strangers who were willing to be a part of the photo.  We even saw a couple that we knew!  (Yes, they knew the girl in the next photo).

4x6_IMG_8517 4x6_IMG_8521

Our last stop was Wesselman Park.  One of my favorite places – I actually play volleyball here pretty regularly so I knew it’d be a good place to wrap up.  Kate & Travis were professional frolickers (we were all a little slap happy by this point) so we goofed off for a bit before getting a couple of absolute gems.

collage IMG_8606_Bw IMG_8641

It was hard not to fall in love with our couple and that’s exactly what happened.  Although I shot their engagement, Mary took lead on the wedding and I’ve looked through it and Kate is probably one of the most adorable brides we’ve ever had.  It was absolutely gorgeous, guys!  Can’t wait to show those off, too  🙂

Amber & Jeremy’s Engagement Session… It was HOT!

Well, we finally returned to the equipment-stealing Garden of the Gods with the lovely Amber and her charming fiance, Jeremy.  Even though I believe we were technically under a heat advisory, we boldly defied the weather gods and went anyway.  We had rescheduled twice already due to weather so the heat was nothing (well kinda)!

I must say this, and I’ve said it to more than one person regarding this shoot: you know a couple loves each other DEARLY when they can snuggle up in 95 degree humid heat!

The theme of the day was chasing the sun.  We decided to start the shoot at 6:30 since any earlier, it was still in the 90’s.  I think it was in the 90’s until the sun actually went down, anyway.  We started out at the head of the trail where the sun was peeking through the trees and creating a beautiful golden glow on the couple.  Like they needed it… 🙂

The sun must have been gotten to Mary.  She started shooting all things pretty, not just Amber.  Here is a photo of a butterfly she found basking in the warmth of magic hour.  This is not the happy couple.  It is a beautiful butterfly, though.

From the trail head, we moved out onto the rocks.  We had fun playing with the light.  The heat was doing some neat things with the sky (or perhaps it was doing neat things with our sanity) so we took advantage of it and put the couple up the highest spot we had found thus far.  Man, I had my light great and guess what happened… no we didn’t lose another camera, thank God, but my batteries died in my flash.  And guess who didn’t remember to bring my spares in the bag… so I darted off like a spritely mountain goat through the boulders to get back to the car quickly and grab spares.  Mary, in the meantime, snagged this beautiful shot.

So I get back and go to replace the batteries and Garden of the Gods stole yet another piece of equipment: a rechargeable battery.  Such a mean park.  This is me attempting to get it.  The rock was too heavy to move.  There’s a free battery to anyone with 5 ft. long arms under a rock in Shawneetown.

However, this is the result of my impromptu adventure back through the treacherous landscape and the sacrifice of a precious battery.  Check out Amber in her sassy boots – she was a natural on the rocks.


The day wound down quickly and we had fun playing with the couple and the sun on top of the world.  It was cool to see the sun and moon at the same time.

So with the only casualty of the day being a battery, and the 3 million bugs that checked out my windshield on the way home, I present to you the rest of their photos.  They turned out beautifully!


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